How Much Should You Pay for a Life Coach?

Learn about the cost of life coaching services and how much life coaches make. Understand the different pricing strategies used by life coaches and how to choose the right one for you.

How Much Should You Pay for a Life Coach?

Many people are curious about the cost of life coaching and how much life coaches make. It's important to remember that coach prices and fees are mostly unregulated, so coaches choose a price that feels aligned with their target market and what their ideal customers are willing to pay. The most common way for coaches to charge is by the hour, but many also offer packages that last longer than a month. Clients may want to work with a coach for a period of time to explore life transitions, relationships, professional or professional growth, or lifestyle changes.

Some life coaches will use techniques such as hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided meditations, among others. It's wise to invest in life coaching, but don't base your choice of life coach solely on cost. Most senior coaches don't ostensibly pay by the hour, but any contract eventually comes down to the price of time spent training. It makes sense that if you're training the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, it's entirely appropriate that you charge more than if you were training the CEO of a small local nonprofit organization.

The lack of regulation in the coaching industry has led coaches to charge a wide range of prices for their services. This is the pricing strategy or category that most coaches understand and is the reference price category for new coaches. Some life coaches offer one-on-one sessions for clients seeking short-term guidance or help with goal setting. Some life coaches also offer a sliding scale or will keep one or two positions open for low-income clients. If you've had trouble making impactful changes in your life, a life coach can help you create and maintain these changes.

Originally a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies, he combined his love of coaching, creativity and systems to create more than 100 branded coaching tools, forms and exercises, including more than 30 completely free training tools. For those sessions, it's best to look for a coach who offers full monthly training packages.