Why is Life Coaching Becoming So Popular?

A growing number of people are attributing their newfound motivation and productivity to life coaching. Learn why life coaching is becoming so popular from an expert's perspective.

Why is Life Coaching Becoming So Popular?

A growing number of people are attributing their newfound motivation and productivity to life coaching. Clients seek guidance in areas such as confidence, career change, self-esteem, work-life balance, relationships, pursuit of purpose, health, emotional intelligence, and more. The surge in popularity of life coaching may be due to the fact that it is not a therapy. Coaches and therapists are often explicit about the differences between the two. The truth is that people will come to you for YOU and for what you have achieved.

Your skills and experience are just as important. While coaching isn't about telling people what to do, sometimes people will need guidance, advice, and support. You are allowed to be their coach, mentor, teacher, and advisor. Life coaching and mentoring are booming fields. They are popular professions all over the world and show no signs of slowing down.

The life coaching industry is now more popular than ever before. This is not because it is a passing trend that sells easily and will soon fade away, but because of the power within the industry that changes people's lives for the better. Although this may not seem relevant to you as a coach, it's actually a key factor behind the growth of the life coaching industry. Other coaches began to ask about their methodologies, and Castillo realized that he could reach many more people (and make a lot more money) by training groups of people to become coaches themselves, rather than working one-on-one with clients. Many of these life coaches started their careers elsewhere, saw success, and now they want to expand their reach to help others do the same. Another interesting set of statistics from the life coaching industry comes from the networking site LinkedIn.

A life coach can help a person identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals. I made a business plan, went back to school, rented office space, and started creating a Life Coaching Practice. As a life coach, you guide clients through difficult life circumstances and are there to listen and provide guidance. I joined networking groups, interviewed more than 20 local coaches, trained for free, created group training events, and when I didn't see paying clients knocking on my door, I altered my game plan. There's a reason no one has created a corporation full of life coaches who generate billions of dollars in profits per year. Once you start to see coaching as a way to make money, all the relative stress that this entails will affect your training to a large extent and make it extremely difficult.

The truth is that you have to learn paid advertising if you want to make a BIG impact and I see many times that coaches hire other “high-end” coaches to help them make 6 figures in 6 months but simple things like a retargeting pixel on Facebook will be missing from their sales page. Life coaching, mentoring, executive training, team training, and peer training all work together to help individuals thrive. It gives you practical steps that you didn't learn in life coaching school to help you get clients faster.