Is Life Coaching Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

Is Life Coaching Worth It? A professional life coach can cost enormous amounts of money per hour. So should you put your hope in a life coach or should you save your money? Here are 6 reasons why hiring a life coach can be beneficial.

Is Life Coaching Worth It? A Comprehensive Guide

Desperation is what drives many people to life coaching. It's an easy label to put on, but if you don't take the time to position yourself and educate yourself about what kind of coach you are, it's not good. A Life Coach will mainly focus on looking to your future, finding new ways of acting and thinking, rather than dealing too much with your past. If you are dealing with problems such as depression, anxiety, or mental illness, you need a trained therapist. Is Life Coaching Worth It? A professional life coach can cost enormous amounts of money per hour.

So should you put your hope in a life coach or should you save your money? There is no single answer to whether it's worth it or not. Nor is it about how much money you have to spend. If you're not ready to change or don't have the inclination to change, no amount of training will change you. Below are 6 reasons to hire a coach, when the result will be positive:

  • If your life is in a transitional stage, a life coach can help you ensure that the change is smooth. A major career change will bring out anxiety, stress and uncertainty in the best of us.
  • A Life Coach Can Be Your Sounding Box.

    Never use your friends or family. You'll burn your ties and your family will quickly get tired of you treating them like a free therapist.

  • Plus, even the best coach is only worth the amount of time and energy you're willing to invest. Just like if you saw a doctor but refused to take the medication, life training will be a waste of time and money if you don't make the effort.
  • Save time and money. Book a facial, vacation, or dinner with a friend.
  • A life coach doesn't make decisions on behalf of the client, but rather helps them find their own way forward.
  • If you're in a constant battle with your partner, or the smallest thing triggers it, it might be time to call in a life coach for invaluable advice.
Asking this of a coach, rather than, say, your mother, is an increasingly popular decision-making method, and it seems that today there is a coach for everything.

I am a coach because I know how difficult life abroad can be, and now I realize that it didn't have to be that difficult if I had a little more support and guidance. Third, if you're a perfectionist, then life coaching could make your problems worse rather than improve them. In this blog, and through my writings I focus a lot on mental well-being, I work a lot with life coaches. This isn't what a life coach is supposed to do; they're supposed to listen to your goals and give you the additional professional support you need to achieve them. Envision Wellness is a private practice offering psychotherapy, psychological testing and life coaching in Miami, FL. I combine tried and tested training tools with my own style of what I think works for women living abroad for a unique and personalized coaching experience. If you are looking for a quick fix, an overnight solution without pain, effort or heartache then a life coach is not for you.

The first study conducted in 1998 found that 98.5% of coaching clients said their training was valuable or very valuable. In the executive coaching realm coaches generally charge a minimum of £200 per hour or a daily fee of £1500 upwards. Many not all but many people who become life coaches do so because they feel they have had enough experience to be able to offer some wisdom and guidance to others.